The World Came to Killington

When US Ski Team slalom ace Mikaela Shiffrin crossed the finish on day two of the Killington Audi FIS Ski World Cup, edging out the nearest competitor by nearly seven tenths of a second, the crowd's palpable excitement surprised even World Cup veteran Herwig Demschar.

"I hadn't heard a roar like that at a ski event ever before," says Demschar, POWDR's senior vice president of international business development. "I've organized hundreds of them, but I've never heard a crowd so loud. Shiffrin's victory was the perfect ending to a historic event."

Business As Craft

When news broke last spring that Aspen’s owners would partner with KSL Capital to purchase six Intrawest resorts and Mammoth and thus provide a titanic counterweight to Vail Resorts, speculation about the supposed bleak future for smaller resort operators rippled across the internet. In the halls of POWDR’s Park City headquarters, however, the mood has been decidedly upbeat.

Mastering Our Craft

Are you drawn to old black-and-white photos on a restaurant wall? Does the look of a welcome sign in the parking lot matter to your vacation experience? Do you take note of the aroma of lunch cooking on the grill while checking in to your hotel? If so, you’re not alone, and we bet our guests feel the same, which is why folks across the POWDR portfolio are hammering out details like what type of music to play, what’s on the menu at their restaurants, and what to call the kickoff celebration for a new lift. From Killington to Mt.

Learning to Spell

I’m often asked why POWDR is misspelled. Some of you may have heard this story before, but if you haven’t, it is a deeply personal story for me about honor, legacy, gratitude, and my commitment to mountain life. 

Built to Last

A day in the mountains skiing or climbing compresses every one of life’s emotions into a finite moment. It’s what I love the most about the mountains. In one day’s adventure you can experience satisfaction, frustration, joy, accomplishment, failure, love, appreciation, angst, worry and more. You have good and bad turns, fall doing a jump and then nail it, lose your balance and regain it once again. This is also true in action and lifestyle sports. In every effort made, all of these sensations and emotions are compressed into that one moment.

The World Outside

As a multi-platform media business, Outside TV occupies a unique spot within the POWDR family. But like its corporate cousins, Outside TV is in the inspiration business, fanning the passions of adventure-sports consumers with compelling visual content just as our resorts and Woodward do with their amazing experiences.

Dispatch from Sun Country

In 1978, Oregon river runner Dennis Oliphant turned his passion for rafting the Upper Deschutes River into what would become one of the Northwest’s most enduring river outfitters, Sun Country Tours.

Based in Bend, Oregon, Sun Country Tours and Bend’s local rafting industry provided summer recreation for visitors and residents alike, and a counter-seasonal complement to winter skiing and snowboarding at nearby Mt. Bachelor.

Bachelor's Boom

The stoke is palpable in the voice of Mt. Bachelor’s marketing and communications manager Stirling Cobb, as he describes the recent winter at Mt. Bachelor.

“Great snow and weather plus happy guests translates into high employee morale,” Cobb says. “It was one of the most positive winters we’ve had in a long time.”