Leaving Las Vegas

When POWDR’s Lee Canyon ski resort near Las Vegas, Nevada, reverted to its previous name in 2015 after more than a decade of calling itself Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort, longtime local skiers didn’t blink. “They said, ‘hey, we never stopped calling it Lee Canyon,’” recalls Jim Seely, Lee Canyon’s marketing director. So why the change in the first place, and why the change back?


After three years in the making, POWDR celebrated the grand opening of Woodward Riviera Maya Oct. 20-21 with a two-day fete on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. The event welcomed thousands of resort guests, athletes, staff, families and locals who had a part in the project. 

It was a party to celebrate not just the hard work of all involved, but also the first Latin American location and the beginning of a unique partnership that will offer future growth opportunities for Woodward.

Woodward Comes to Park City

After working closely with the greater community and Summit County for more than a year, POWDR secured final land use approval from the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission on Jan. 9, to build a Woodward Camp in Park City, Utah. This sixth Woodward location is an exciting development backed by years of prep and planning.

The Ikon Pass & POWDR

While many of our visitors still prefer single resort passes, multi-resort products have come to dominate the industry and influence customer expectations in many ways. Amidst these shifts, and the recent industry consolidations and acquisitions, POWDR saw an opportunity in the Ikon Pass to join in on the new, multi-resort model in a way that aligns with our guests’ preferences for tailored, genuine experiences. 

Light A Match and Plant Some Stuff

As the ski season winds down and we shift gears toward summer, I’ve been thinking about another, very important part of my life – Copper Moose Farm, a local community organic farm that I started with my wife, Kristi, in 2006. Farming in the high desert of Utah, you ask? It can be challenging, and is most definitely a labor of love, but our vision has come to fruition through a lot of education, hard work and, of course, a great team to make it happen!

Living our Promise

At POWDR, our mission is to deliver memorable experiences, enhance people’s lives, and have fun doing it. Team members across resorts and Woodward camps are aligned and believe in our vision that there is nothing better for your soul than to spend time with the people you love, doing the things you love. 

Growing The Sport

It’s hard to deny Boreal and Soda Springs’ learn-to credibility. The two Tahoe-based ski areas have long been recognized as hubs for beginners, providing an estimated 30,000 ski and snowboard lessons as well as 25,000 snowplay sessions annually. But in recent years, boosted by the 2012 addition of Woodward Tahoe, they’ve graduated from entry-level ski hills to best-in-class learning destinations with their broad focus on action sports, multicultural urban families, and innovative youth-focused products, content, and events.

POWDR’s New Co-Presidents Talk About the Company’s Future and What Else They Share Besides a Title

<p>Wade Martin and Justin Sibley became POWDR’s Co-Presidents in June of 2018, when Founder and Chairman John Cumming, handed over the reins</a>. Following a recent visit to Copper Mountain—where the two met with Copper’s leadership team on budgets and planning and had some fun riding the Rocky Mountain Coaster—The Fulcrum caught up with Wade and Justin to talk about their new roles.</p>

<p><strong>The Fulcrum: Congratulations on the new role. How does it feel to be leading POWDR?</strong></p>