POWDR Resort Snowbird Keeps Things Cool

POWDR resort Snowbird is turning 48 this year, and, unlike many middle agers, it wants you to know it. In honor of its near-five decade anniversary, a new restaurant recently opened at the resort that pays homage to its year of birth: 1971. Called SeventyOne, the eatery and lounge is a celebration of Snowbird’s early years of operation with a retro vibe straight from the disco decade. 

Ready For Rails

PARK CITY, Utah, Oct. 24, 2019 – POWDR is partnering with Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard to offer one-of-a-kind hike-to rail parks at three POWDR resort Woodward Mountain Parks.  

The Red's Backyard terrain zones will be part of the Woodward Mountain Park at Killington, Copper and Woodward Park City. These hike parks will offer a range of rail features inspired by those found in Gerard's Colorado backyard growing up, and will cater to a wide range of ability levels of freestyle terrain riders with a focus on intermediate and up.

POWDR Has An Employee App

We know that our ability to keep you informed, included, and inspired ultimately determines our ability to deliver memorable experiences, enhance people's lives, and have fun doing it. That’s why we launched MY POWDR, an internal mobile workflow, news, and social app.


PARK CITY, Utah, Oct. 1, 2019 – Just in time for the 2019/20 ski season, POWDR, an adventure lifestyle company, today announced the beginning of a Woodward movement across its mountain resorts which will reimagine the way snow sports enthusiasts experience on-mountain adventure. With something for everybody, from first-timers to pros, Woodward Mountain Parks will reinvent the ski and ride experience at POWDR’s already amazing mountains, including Copper Mountain Resort, CO, Killington Resort, VT, Mt.

John's Corner: What the hell is a Woodford?

What in the hell is a Woodford?

On top of the pressures of a tanking global economy, the ski industry was facing its own challenges in 2008. Namely, what to do in the face of a changing demographic with reduced utilization rates and how to counteract the effects of climate change—not to mention the ongoing challenge of how to safely train athletes in sports where the bar was constantly being raised. There was no clear fix and it took several messages from the universe for me to see a solution for the existential threats looming on the horizon.

Snowbird Joins POWDR


You may already know that in addition to POWDR, John Cumming, POWDR’s founder and chairman, and his family also own Snowbird, a world-class, year-round mountain destination in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Given this shared ownership, POWDR and Snowbird’s complementary strengths, and the substantial industry competition, Snowbird and POWDR have entered into a management agreement, which means that Snowbird will now be part of the group managed by POWDR. 

Happy New Year, 25 Years Young

Happy New Year! 2019 marks the 25th year of POWDR being in business. In reflecting on this significant milestone for John and his family, and for all of us at POWDR, it’s important to recognize that POWDR is so much more than a business. We all do what we do because we love it. We love the opportunity to be outside and to let ourselves become awe-inspired by nature. We love seeing veteran guests come visit year after year. We love helping new entrants learn the ropes so they too can build the same passion we have for the sport. It’s a lifestyle. An adventure lifestyle.

Mt. Bachelor Celebrates 60 Years

When the notion of a ski resort in Central Oregon took hold, Bend was a sleepy town of less than 12,000. The year was 1958, and the idea, generated by a group of local businessmen and skiers that included Bill Healy, a former 10th Mountain Division vet-turned Bend furniture store owner, was in keeping with a nationwide shift in the sport.