It is in times like these that we are reminded of the fantastic people who work at POWDR. We thank all employees for going above and beyond this season for their coworkers, community and resort, and we asked teams to send in a few fun shout outs to their departments, staff members and colleagues in recognition and gratitude. 

Lee Canyon
Lee Canyon would like to thank all of its staff that stayed on late to help with a quick and smooth closure as much as it could be.  The value of teamwork really shined as each focused on their specialty closing duties as well as pitched into not-so-specialized but much-needed tasks such as taking turns as security gate attendant or tending to guests retrieving personal property from season lockers. 

SilverStar would like to thank all of our staff; they go above and beyond year after year, especially in times like this. However, SilverStar would like to put forward Dianne Gains, our staff housing manager. Dianne stayed “in the line of fire” the entire week we closed down operations, helping staff move out and get home. Without enough manpower to do room inspections on checkout, we had to trust the staff that they would leave it in a good state. Apart from a few exceptions, the staff really showed the respect they have for Dianne. After leaving Asgard (staff housing) for six days, she and Simon went to “fog” the building over. Both buildings are now fully closed. From 350 staff at our peak, we now have five left who have all been housed in private units. Dianne has done all this with endless enthusiasm and with empathy for the staff in these very sudden and unprecedented times.

Jay Jensen and his Snowbird Public Safety team are some of the unsung heroes at Snowbird during this time. As Snowbird suspended all operations, the Public Safety team has been coming to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Apart from their primary duties of protecting Snowbird’s assets, the Public Safety team has graciously helped guests on an individual basis to clean out lockers, assisted employees with gathering ski/snowboard gear, as well as providing daily weather and canyon road condition updates. The Snowbird Public Safety team is never further than a phone call away, we salute their dedication and efforts.

Killington would like to thank Pete, Keith, Cheryl, Emma and Jeanine in our call center, who are now working remotely answering calls and assisting our customers during our operations suspension.

Copper would like to thank all of our employees and departments for their work and understanding during this complicated time. We are especially thankful to our Food and Beverage and Lodging teams, who have done an excellent job working with guests and assisting our community. 

Copper’s Food and Beverage team gathered unused produce and dairy products from resort dining outlets and packaged together bags of food that were then given to members of the local Summit County community. Lodging has also been working tirelessly with our guests to help sort out the logistics of having to suspend our season indefinitely. There have been a lot of questions and challenges regarding guest reservations, but the team has done an excellent job of communicating with and servicing our guests. 

To every POWDR team member, we want to thank you! By coming together in the spirit of teamwork, maintaining a soulful outlook while helping keep spirits high, and demonstrating responsibility with thoughtful decisions, your actions are beyond commendable. 

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