During these times of crisis, people are looking at the future with uncertainty, wondering what the “new normal” will look like. Since we don’t know when—or how—this new normal will take shape, we fall back on what we do know: our values; life lessons; instinct; and human nature.

Many of us have found a renewed appreciation and gratitude for friends and family as well as service workers, delivery drivers, restaurant employees, healthcare professionals, grocery store staff and educators. This has translated into abundant displays of kindness, with neighbors cheering healthcare workers, strangers helping the elderly, and businesses feeding communities. It’s indicative of how people pull together in times of crisis, and POWDR is no exception. From resort employees working on the front lines to resorts hosting high school graduations to businesses donating generous amounts of food, we’ve witnessed myriad acts of kindness throughout every POWDR community. 

Play It Forward captures stories of goodwill by POWDR employees and businesses, demonstrating that they are truly part of the fabric of their communities, and revealing the capability of human kindness. Below are a few examples of the stories that can be found on Play It Forward. 

As a mountain safety team member at Eldora, Scot Gorbet draws on his experiences between his work at the resort and his life as a respiratory therapist at Colorado’s Boulder Community Hospital. Breathe Easy 

Copper Mountain held a “moving” commencement for the Peak School, a nearby high school, so its 2020 graduates wouldn’t miss out on a milestone. 
Unusual Circumstance, Unforgettable Pomp 

In March, after Killington ceased ops, the resort not only donated food to employees and the community but also partnered with the community on additional monthly food giveaways. 
Eat First, Then Do Everything Else 

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