By Laura Schaffer

At POWDR, we intend to Play Forever. We believe there is nothing better for the soul than to live a balanced life full of adventure, and that those in the future should have the same opportunities we have today. To make this happen, POWDR is committed to doing all we can to protect the environment and enable participation in adventure through Play Forever—the corporate responsibility commitment for both POWDR and its businesses. In unprecedented times like these, the impact of corporate responsibility actions can be immeasurable. 

The Play Forever commitment goes beyond our history of care for the climate and environment. It encompasses two important elements—protecting the environment and enabling participation in adventure.

Our Play Forever commitment to protect the environment is focused on efficient and responsible use of resources for the long-term viability of the business and the planet. It comes to life through actions taken at our businesses specific to energy, waste, water, transportation, sourcing and ecosystems.

Our Play Forever commitment to enable participation is focused on providing access to environments that enable a life full of adventure. It comes to life through Play It Forward, our all-encompassing employee and community-centric philanthropic program that supports local and national organizations that help our communities thrive.

POWDR is uniquely situated to prioritize both. “We are fortunate to work for a private company with owners who remain focused on the long-game and hold the admirable aspiration to protect and enhance the communities we serve,” says POWDR co-president Wade Martin. “Our communities depend on us and we believe our commitment to Play Forever helps them to remain prime locations to live and enjoy the adventure lifestyle for years to come.” 

So how does Play Forever translate in our various POWDR communities? It’s brought to life locally by finding the right environmental solutions and community partners that fit each place where we do business. Leadership teams and Play Forever leads work together to identify focus areas of action for each commitment, then develop plans to support environmental actions and philanthropic programs in those areas. POWDR businesses then activate against those actions and programs through internal and external communications and marketing efforts.

As we consider what actions to take and investments to make, the “triple whammy” test is used to evaluate the path forward; optimal Play Forever projects and partnerships are good for the environment and participation, good for the bottom line and good for the brand.

Success is ultimately defined by Play Forever being integrated into everything we do. In some ways, that means it’s solar power on a building or an established relationship with a local non-profit. In others, it can be as subtle as observing the way a process in your department works and changing a step in a way that reduces our impact on the environment or a small shift to a program that enables one more person to access adventure. One way to get there is to consider our commitment to Play Forever in every decision you and your team make—by factoring this lens into your decision making process we will continue to become even more thoughtful in our ways and impactful in our actions.

A thoughtful business and a responsible business go hand in hand. As POWDR founder and chairman John Cumming has said, “We are constantly measuring our businesses objectively. This challenging time shines a spotlight on just why that is so important to do—the stronger of a position we are in based on the objective measures, the more we are able to subjectively support those in need.”

During times of uncertainty and change, having a strong moral compass is key to staying true to our values, and we are in a fortunate position to have just that. That also means we have an opportunity and responsibility to lead in our communities as we are doing by embracing Play It Forward—not just in this time of immediate need, but as a core component moving forward.


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Corporate Responsibility Means More than Protecting the Environment
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