Park City, UT, June 29, 2020 – POWDR, an adventure lifestyle company with destinations across North America, announced today a new three-year partnership with flaik, the leading ski school management platform in the North American ski industry. 

The partnership makes flaik the core operational platform for POWDR’s ski schools across North America including Boreal Mountain Resort/Soda Springs, CA; Copper Mountain, CO; Eldora, CO; Killington Resort/Pico Mountain, VT; Lee Canyon, NV; Mt. Bachelor, OR; SilverStar, BC; Snowbird, UT; and Woodward Park City, UT. 

“POWDR is thrilled to partner with flaik in delivering seamless ski school experiences for our guests as we continue to roll out our best-of-breed digital transformation strategy,” says Ryan Walls, VP Technology for POWDR.  “flaik’s desire to deliver a better ski school experience is echoed in POWDR’s vision to inspire every human being with cool experiences in awesome places. We look forward to bringing our vision to life for our guests at our mountain resorts across North America in partnership with flaik.”

“flaik is on the forefront of Snow Sports management software. They have been nimble enough to meet our needs at Killington, while simultaneously challenging us to evolve our operations to be a leading contemporary Snow Sports School,” says Dave Beckwith, Golf & Snow Sports Director at Killington Mountain/Pico Resort in Vermont. “We’re just starting to scratch the surface of their potential. The enterprise-wide agreement between POWDR and flaik will be game changing for the industry as it will provide the horsepower needed to propel our POWDR snow sports operations to the next level and we’ll be able to meet the expectations, of both guests and staff alike, in our ever-changing market.”

flaik is working closely with POWDR’s ski schools to ensure they have a platform that is agile enough to allow them to respond to the constant changes of the current environment and strategic enough to make the changes required to fundamentally improve the guest experience. As part of this partnership, flaik will be rolling out key new solutions for POWDR including Direct to Lesson (including On Snow Guest ID & Validation), Digital Report Cards and digital Time Keeping for instructors and supervisors. As well as forming part of the COVID response kit for POWDR ski schools, these tools will help drive the fundamental changes POWDR is looking for to improve the guest experience.

“Over the last three seasons the flaik software has transformed our Ski and Ride School operations to provide a streamlined, user friendly and modern experience,” says Max Gaal, Senior Manager of Mountain Sports at Boreal Mountain Resort | Woodward Tahoe | Soda Springs. “flaik has been instrumental to our operation in countless ways, but most notably in regards to Class & Activity tracking, Data Management and Instructor NPS information. This platform is truly ahead of the curve an allows us to reflect on our operations in ways we never would have thought possible. flaik provides us with the right data to help us make the right decisions to become a better ski school. Because of flaik, our leadership staff is able to spend more time on the mountain with our team members and guests and focus on creating the kind of experiences that brings people back.”

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