Mt. Bachelor joined the aerial adventure game with a new zip line that debuted on July 4. The three-stage zip tour is the fastest, steepest and longest in the Northwest, says resort staff, with 1.3 miles of total zipping and a nearly 1,400-vertical-foot drop.

Tour participants access the first loading platform from the top of the Pine Martin Express lift, at 7,800 feet. From there, they move on to stage two and its 263-foot drop, and finally, the third stage—the "Broken Top Drop”—the longest and fastest of the three, at 1,684 feet with a 255-foot vertical drop.

The zip line features a unique self-braking ZipTour system, which is different from most of its counterparts. It’s from Terra Nova, based in Park City, and it has a rider-controlled brake. It’s a fun alternative to just clipping in and zipping, because you can control your speed, or even stop in the middle of a span to enjoy the view. And Mt. Bachelor's zipline offers dual zips, so friends and family can ride side-by-side, seven feet apart, even racing one another if they want to.

Riders aged 13+ pay $99 for the two-hour tour, with $79 tickets for kids ages 10-12. Reservations—and masks—are mandatory, and all riders must meet height and weight requirements. The zipline is another great addition to Mt. Bachelor's menu of summer options, which include mountain biking, disc golf, and whitewater rafting with Sun Country Tours. 

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